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How to cook an Omelette (French Style Omelette Recipe)- BenjiManTV

French Style Omelette Recipe

This is a filling and creamy omelette recipe. Enjoy!

How to cook an Omelette (French Omelette Recipe)- BenjiManTV
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Things I use*

Frying Pan:

Pyrex Measuring cup:

Chinese Chopsticks:


2 Eggs- room temperature
Butter 1 table spoon
Salt and Pepper

1 tablespoon Milk

1. Start by heating a non stick pan on low. Make sure you do this early to get the pan throuroughly warm.

2. Mix the eggs, milk, and herbs. You want this mix to be room temperature if possible. Beat with chop sticks or fork and try to get air into the mixture.

3. Once pan is throroughly warmed through, drop the butter in and melt.

4. Once butter is melted, mix eggs one last time and pour into pan.

5. Immediately stir the eggs with chop sticks (or fork but be careful of the non stick surface), and move pan back and forth over the heat.

6. Continue to do this and make sure non of the egg mixture is over cooked in any one area.

7. Once eggs are starting to solidify but look a little under cooked, you can remove from the heat to add in any ingredients you might want to fill the omelette with.

8. Add your ingredients, Salt and Pepper your egg and if need be, return to the low heat to finish.

9. Tap the pan’s handle or slide egg to the edge. Curl edge over ingredients or itself.

10. Once you start getting the oval shape, you can tip pan over a plate and pour the egg onto the plate.

Remember…. an over cooked egg can’t be fixed, undercooked egg will continue to cook in the warm pan and even on the plate. Make sure to cook omelette just till it looks a little under cooked then turn th eheat off.

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